Instructor Trainer bios

The members of our esteemed team of Instructor Trainers are accomplished and internationally sought-after educators known for their comprehensive knowledge, dedication and professionalism. Each hold full certification in the STOTT PILATES® method and have achieved additional designations to complement their training.

A diverse group, they come from varied backgrounds including physical therapy, exercise science, athletic therapy, dance, and group and personal fitness training to name a few. Every member of the team strives to uphold the highest standards of training that have been developed worldwide.

Bio des formateurs d'instructeurs

Les membres de notre estimée équipe de formateurs d'instructeurs sont des éducateurs accomplis et recherchés à l'échelle internationale, reconnus pour leurs connaissances approfondies, leur dévouement et leur professionnalisme. Ils détiennent tous une certification complète de la méthode STOTT PILATES® et ont obtenu d'autres titres pour compléter leur formation.


Les membres de l'équipe viennent d'horizons divers, notamment de la physiothérapie, des sciences de l'exercice, de la thérapie sportive, de la danse et de l'entraînement de groupe et personnel, pour n'en nommer que quelques-uns. Chaque membre de l'équipe s'efforce de respecter les normes de formation les plus élevées qui ont été élaborées dans le monde entier.

Caroline Berger de Fémynie

Caroline Berger de Femynie

Paris, France

IT qualifications
STOTT PILATES® Cadillac, Chair & Barrels, ISP, Mat & Reformer; Halo® Training 

Additional credentials and designations
MBA – École National des Mines de Paris, Master of Cultural Project Management, Master of Finance & Currency – Université de Paris, Sorbonne, Bachelor of Science – Université de Paris, Dance degree in contemporary dance


Caroline was introduced to the STOTT PILATES® method in 2006 while on an extended trip to Australia, and felt that she had found her calling. Although she had earned an MBA, a bachelor’s degree in Science and a dance specialty, she realized that the depth required to instruct the STOTT PILATES repertoire required her full attention. Following many years of study, she became an Instructor Trainer for Merrithew specializing in STOTT PILATES in March 2013. Established in 2009 by Caroline, the Studio BIOPILATES® PARIS was the first STOTT PILATES Host Center in France. The studio is committed to teaching and maintaining the high standards in health and wellness established by Merrithew. Caroline speaks French, English and Arabic and can teach courses and workshops in any language and ensures her clients and receive a truly unique French experience.


Qualifications IT

STOTT PILATES® Cadillac, Chair & Barrels, ISP, Mat & Reformer ; Formation Halo®.


Autres diplômes et désignations

MBA - Badge ADEMA - École National des Mines de Paris, Maîtrise de gestion de projets culturels, Maîtrise de finance et monnaie - Université de Paris, Sorbonne, Licence de sciences - Université de Paris, Diplôme de danse contemporaine




Caroline a découvert la méthode STOTT PILATES® en 2006, lors d'un long voyage en Australie, et a senti qu'elle avait trouvé sa vocation. Bien qu'elle ait obtenu un MBA, un baccalauréat en sciences et une spécialisation en danse, elle s'est rendu compte que la profondeur requise pour enseigner le répertoire STOTT PILATES exigeait toute son attention. Après de nombreuses années d'études, elle est devenue formatrice d'instructeurs pour Merrithew™ spécialisée en STOTT PILATES en mars 2013. Créé en 2009 par Caroline, le Studio BIOPILATES® PARIS a été le premier centre d'accueil STOTT PILATES en France. Le studio s'engage à enseigner et à maintenir les normes élevées en matière de santé et de bien-être établies par Merrithew. Caroline parle le français, l'anglais et l'arabe et peut donner des cours et des ateliers dans n'importe quelle langue. Elle s'assure ainsi que ses clients reçoivent une expérience française vraiment unique.


Instructor Spotlight: Caroline Berger

Caroline Berger
Merrithew Certifications:
STOTT PILATES® Matwork & Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrels; Halo® Training Qualified

Caroline Berger de Fémynie

Additional credentials:
MBA, École National des Mines de Paris; Master of Cultural Project Management, Master of Finance & Currency, Université de Paris, Sorbonne; Bachelor of Science, Université de Paris; contemporary dance degree

Caroline attributes the success of her studio, BIOPILATES PARIS, to its clients. She considers their work together a team effort guided by her extensive training and education.

How a single Pilates class inspired a career in mindful movement

After travelling the world as a dancer, a single Pilates class turned Caroline Berger’s thinking toward a career in mindful movement.

Assisting client on Reformer

She describes a STOTT PILATES class, which she took while visiting an aunt in Tasmania, as transformative – both to how she danced and to her future.

“It was love at first sight. My teacher was exceptional,” Caroline says. “Through Pilates, my dance changed: more support, more stability, more muscular stamina, more strength and harmony. It was magical, I was dancing differently. And, I loved the Merrithew equipment.”

A mind and body transition

Changes in Caroline’s personal life helped clarify to her how central STOTT PILATES would be to her career, and, that she would focus on sharing its benefits with dancers. 

“My Reformer had accompanied me on a trip to Bahrain. I had to go home to Paris where I started a new life with Pilates. I decided not to dance anymore, but to specialize and help the dancers.”

In 2009, Caroline opened BIOPILATES PARIS, Merrithew’s Host Training Center in France.


While Caroline’s studio is popular among dancers, it also receives many clients with common back and knee issues.

She takes a similar approach with many clients, introducing them over time to a range of exercises that incorporate different pieces of equipment. 

“My training is the same for everyone who starts. I start with the Rotational Disks, the Cardio-Tramp® on the Reformer, and the Stability Chair,” she says.

Finally, I begin to add Cadillac programming. I’ve had excellent results in stability, power and articulation.”

Unlocking success, the essential role of education

From the studio’s beginning, Caroline worked tirelessly to build its clientele while also furthering her education. 

In addition to an MBA, a Bachelor of Science and a contemporary dance degree she had already earned, in 2013, Caroline became a Merrithew Instructor Trainer specializing in STOTT PILATES.

Instructor Spotlight - Caroline Berger

Her passion for education endures: “To belong to what I consider one of the best companies in the world, I have courage and skills be the best instructor possible.”

Caroline is also in her second of six years of training to become certified in France as an Etiopathie, a modern-day healer.

“This year, I will have my first national Level 1 anatomy certification for Etiopathie. In four years, I will have the national Certificate of Anatomy, Level 2. From there, I would like to work towards becoming a STOTT PILATES Rehab Instructor Trainer.”

Memorable BIOPILATES PARIS clients

Helping a former dancer with the Ballet of Maurice Bejar return to performing was memorable, Caroline says. The dancer, who had a tear in the labrum on both sides, was able to dance again after two years of their working together.

Ballet pose on Stability Chair

“She was able to dance again while for four years the various doctors had told her that she could no longer dance.”

Helping a 26-year-old woman recover after she was paralyzed from a stroke was also gratifying, she says. The woman had been treated at a military hospital before working one-on-one with Caroline. 

“The Balance & Stability Domes and the single leg work on the Reformer were integral. Today, she has regained the use of her right side,” she says.

“At the military hospital, they told her that the equipment I had was better suited to her recovery and that she should carry on with me. It was a great experience.”

Secrets of success

Caroline attributes the success of her studio to its clients. 

She considers their work together a team effort guided by her extensive training and education.

“When a client arrives in the studio, I make sure they can forget their life outside the studio. I'm trying to capture their attention. My goal is that clients relax so they can concentrate on the movement technique,” she says.

Mat class with Mini Stability Ball

“If the results are there, the client is happy. 

“It is teamwork between me and the client. We move together for excellent results.”

Caroline recommends taking a longer-term view of business. Specifically, she suggests investing equally in education and equipment.

“I advise people not to be afraid to invest in training, accessories and equipment,” she says. “I feel good working with Merrithew; this company brings me the tools I need to develop myself.

“I love my job and I try to do it in the best way. It takes a lot of work. I keep learning and I have a lot of fun when I master something new. 

“For ten years, I have been trying to improve myself so that I can meet the expectations of each of my clients. It is a great opportunity to work with a company that has so much training and so many workshops for continuing education.”