Discover the methods and equipment we offer at the studio:

THE évolis® METHOD

Methode Evolis

Your studio is equipped with Holiste Evolis® technology for a unique global approach to motor activity.



Méthode Stott Pilates

The Stott Pilates method practiced in the studio is a unique form of training that attaches great importance to stabilizing the pelvis and shoulders, and integrating all parts of the body into a whole.


THE Gyrotonic® METHOD

Méthode Gyrotonic Gyrokinesis

Your studio also practices the Gyrotonic method. Beyond the muscular and articular comfort that it can bring, it mobilizes the body in its entirety.



Ballets Biopilates

Méthode Balltes Biopilates

Regular training of the professional dancer




Zenga KI Yoga

Méthode Yoga Zenga Ki

 A moment of relaxation for all, a moment for yourself