Do you need someone to take care of you? Then you've come to the right place. Join our workshops for pregnant women you will be seduced. 



Nos cours pour danseurs professionnels

Discover our personalized workshops for pregnant women, individual or collective.


We propose you to follow either : 

- the 6/12 workshops, as we can adjust and modify the exercises according to your convenience from a sitting position to a lying position on a slope.  This is a collective workshop with 12 participants. 

- The individual workshops: the only workshop to be able to use the Evolis method by Jean Frelat to stretch and relieve the lower back in order to best accompany mothers during their pregnancy. 

- The special duo workshop for pregnant women accompanied by the guest of their choice. The program is essentially for pregnant women. 


Post natal

Nos cours pour jeunes danseurs

This unique course in Paris will give you the substantial help you need to strengthen your muscles and carry your child as the days go by. You will find in this postnatal course a multitude of exercises dedicated to strengthening your back and legs. 


You can take all the workshops after your perineal rehabilitation with your doctor or physiotherapist.