OUr classes for dancers :

Your studio is equipped with the latest Stott Pilates and Gyrokinesis technologies, so that our teachers can accompany in the training the professional dancers as well as the young dancers. Discover our different classes.


The Professional Dancers Fare gives professional dancers access to a dedicated class on Saturday at 12:30 pm and Sunday at 12:30 pm with a maximum of 6 participants. With this package you have access to all other courses offered at the studios without limitation.


Mandatory annual membership

for professional dancers

Nos cours pour danseurs professionnels

Discover our classes made for professional dancers.

for young dancers

Nos cours pour jeunes danseurs

We offer to explain the body and the muscles to the youngest in a funny and playfull way. We offer a personal accompaniment for better results.

The Perfect Pointe Book :

Book written by Lisa Howell and translated by Caroline Berger of Femynie.


We often ask ourselves if we are ready to put on his slippers. We all want to climb on spikes as soon as possible. We all dreamed of being on stage one day on peaks from our first class. This is an important moment in the life of a dancer.



So ... When is the right moment?



There is no age or level to put on one's spikes. Some girls are ready at eleven, others at fourteen and some feet are not done at all for the work of spikes. It depends a lot on the strength and the good placement of the foot. There are many ways to prepare your foot and body for the work of spikes and sometimes our prowess can surprise teachers. Tell yourself one thing even if one foot is a little stiffer than the other, doing the right exercises and stretches, you could be ready faster than you think.

They took classes in the studio :

the equipment available in the studio