Discover our Pilates and gyrotonic collectives and duo courses:

Ateliers des 12

This workshop consists of a series of simple movements that test the overall strength and mobility of the body with stability. This Pilates class uses only the body's own resistance with different accessories such as elastic, ball, Barril bow, Roller...

It is composed of dynamic movements that take full advantage of the body's weight and gravity. Guaranteed to develop ultimate strength and stability, especially postural muscles.  This workshop offers an intense abdominal series, sequences with rotation and mobilization as well as a section dedicated to the front and side boards





Ateliers des 6/12

Cours collectifs Stott Pilates atelier des 6/12

Bring a sense of fluidity and energy to any routine on Carpets and Machines with this enlightening workout. Using breathing to promote concentration and fluidity of movement, learn innovative movement transitions and discover dance-like sequences designed to improve fitness and control. Exercises are chosen to improve strength and stability as well as dynamic range of motion and flexibility.


This mixed course can help to achieve spectacular results.


The exercises aim to improve posture by emphasizing trunk stability and back mobility, while lengthening and strengthening the surrounding muscles.

Ateliers des 6 🏆

Cours collectifs Stott Pilates atlier des 6

The golden nugget of the studio that juggles with The Reformer, The Cadillac, The Chair, The Pulley Tower. Studies show that to continue to see results, long-term clients need to challenge muscle memory and mix training methods. Sticking to the same training routine can cause them to peak. Movement combinations integrate different planes and engine patterns at more intense intervals, and provide more challenges once a level of stability and resistance has been established.








Atelier express

Cours Pilates atelier express reformer

The express workshop is a workshop for the most shy or in a hurry and where the most cardio and enduring. It will allow you to discover and familiarize yourself with the various equipment available in the studio.










Ballets & barre Biopilates

The rotating discs in addition to the bar add variety and challenge to the dancers' class. Used alone or in pairs, they are perfect for testing balance and stability. In this workshop, the exercises are performed in the supine position, lying, lying, standing and kneeling, as well as on hands and knees, isolating the movements from the upper or lower torso. Highly mobile discs create instability, testing unilateral and bilateral stabilization to resist unwanted movement. They can also be used to allow a greater amplitude of rotation or lateral flexion through the spine.



Yoga Zenga Ki

Cours Pilates yoga Zenga

Can the use of body weight alone create an effective workout for any client, regardless of their level? Absolutely! Absolutely! Explore a workout that leads you through a series of standing exercises designed to strengthen and tone from the ground up. No additional accessories or external resistance are required in this whole-body creative training session that targets muscle strength and endurance, balance and control. Exercise variations are included to increase or decrease challenge and intensity, as well as discussions on identification and motivation techniques


Atelier parent-enfant

Atelier Parent enfant Stott Pilates

One parent, one child, six couples maximum. The teacher teaches the child movement or exercise, and the child teaches it to the parents. The winning team is the one that best manages the exercise from start to finish! Taking into account all safety instructions since children should be able to use all Pilates and Gyrotonic equipment.

In young people, good body awareness can be beneficial, good posture promotes improved body image and appropriate breathing techniques help reduce stress. These and other questions are addressed through simple functional exercises that emphasize stability, balance and flexibility as part of a fun and quick routine designed to promote active living choices.


Monthly workshop, check the dates on the online planning.

Tout public, danseurs golfeurs

You feel the need to be alone with an instructor. This is the workshop for you, whether you are a beginner, athlete, pregnant, dancer, senior or part of the specific populations*, this course is for you. You can choose between Evolis, Pilates, Gyrotonic, Ballet and the biopilates ground bar.


Designed to improve body awareness, muscle strength, motor control and joint mobility, this workshop takes a fresh look at creating fluid sequences with STOTT PILATES® and GYROTONIC® exercises. Learn how to creatively incorporate the strength of the different Machines, Cadillac, Reformer, Chair and Pulley Tower.


*After consulting your doctor you can attend our workshops if you have:


- osteoporosis - a dysfunction of the lumbo-pelvic region such as the sciatic nerve - a herniated disc - a joint facet syndrome - a spondylosthesis - a degenerative pathology of the disc - a hip cracking, Trendelenburg lameness - ostoarthritis - hip, shoulder or knee replacement - torn meniscus - halux valgus - tendinopathy - plantar faciitis - shoulder instability - capsulitis - posterior crossover syndrome or rotator cuff muscles... We are trained to help you.