EARLY BIRD* At least 4 weeks before the course Less than 4 weeks before the course Regular price
Workshop 2h 81,90€ 90€ 99€ 280€
Workshop 3h 120,15€ 133,50€ 146,85€ 420€
Workshop 4h 160,20€ 178€ 195,80€ 560€
Workshop 6h 240,30€ 267€ 293,70€ 840€

You can find our next planning workshop. If you do not find a suitable date in the schedule, you can book any of the workshops available below, just contact us to propose a schedule. 


The workshops planned on the planning are collective, if you wish to participate in one of them in private, it is quite possible, for that also it is enough to contact us.

*If the course starts on February 2nd, registration for the Early Bird must be done before December 1st. 

All the workshops available:



Cadillac, CHAIr & barrel

For golfers

Anatomy & fascias

Prenatal & postnatal

Seniors & rehab